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Man Sends His Ex-girlfriend A Video Of Him Kissing Another Lady To Make He Jealous.


A woman shamed her ex online by posting the toe-curling video he sent her in a failed bid to make her jealous. Naomi Drever’s former partner is seen in the video kissing another woman while gazing at the camera.

Enraged Naomi, from Leeds in England, put the clip online with the withering caption: “When you wake up to this off ya slime ball ex!

“How could you ever make me jealous pal? That is not fire!”

The man said to be in the clip, Martin Carrington, from Leeds, responded by claiming Naomi is not his ex but just “a f***” and claiming she had been less than perfect.

Martin was said to be locking lips with 20-year-old Sophie Marie Phillips, also from Leeds, in the clip.

He can be heard saying in the video: “She’s fire!”

The short video, posted to social media yesterday, shows Martin holding up a camera whilst Sophie has her arms wrapped around him and kissing him on the cheek.

They then engage in a long open-mouthed kiss whilst Martin is holding the phone from a height to film them. They then kiss again showing both their tongues to the camera before Martin lets out a laugh and stops filming.

Naomi hit back: “You really do make me laugh. Would love to stand around amusing myself here, but some of us have jobs to be getting to! “Can’t all live the high life like you and Amy Winehouse there.”

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