New Trick Kidnappers Now Use To Implicate Innocent People

If for any reason someone pay money into your account by “mistake” and ask you to withdraw the cash for them, just tell them to provide their account number for you to transfer the money. If the account details are not same with the one that sent you money, just run to the police. It’s a set up.

Imagine this scenario and it happened real life…

As shared by Kay
‘Three men visited a car stand. They asked for the pricing of a 2013 Toyota camry and the seller told them the price (say 5 million naira). They asked him for his account details and after 2 days, they transferred 3 million naira into his account.

Immediately after the transfer, they came to him and told him they are sorry but they couldn’t complete the cash; so the car dealer should give them CASH of N2.5million and keep the other five hundred thousand naira as fees for inconvenience.

The car dealer happily did that and was happy he got N500,000 as fees for doing almost nothing.

Fast forward to 3 days time, he had his car stand invaded by F-SARS and anti-Kidnapping squad. They asked if he was the owner of the account, he said yes and was nabbed immediately. 

When he got to police station, it dawned in him what was really happening. The guys were kidnappers and they used his account to receive Kidnap Ransom, making him culpable in the offence.
He paid them cash with no trace and they made it look like the N500,000 was his own share of the loot! Now he is in very deep trouble… Don’t be the next victim, stay safe and be very careful.’ 
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