So Sad! Mother Kills Her Son & Commits Suicide In Lagos

A middle-aged school teacher and mother of one allegedly killed her three-year-old son before allegedly committing suicide in the Ayobo area of Lagos. The incident happened on Saturday.

Local reports show that the woman whose identity is yet to be revealed, lived a comfortable life with her son at their home on No 1, Adeniran Street, off Ferguson Osagie Road in Ayobo.

Her husband is said to be based abroad… 
Residents say she was financially comfortable and had no known trouble that may have led her to kill her son and then take her own life.

Officers from the Ayobo Police Station who were invited after the incident was discovered, say they are not ruling out possible double homicide as the deceased and her son were foaming from the mouth when they were found dead inside their home.

The remains of the deceased mother and child have not been moved as the tradition in Ayobo area is that when sudden and unexplained deaths occur, the Oro cult is always consulted to find out the cause of death and to ward off evil spirits that may have been unleashed of the sudden mysterious death.

Reports say the two corpses are currently lying in the house awaiting the Oro rituals before they are moved.

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