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Parents of abducted Kankara school boys describe Boko Haram video as fake

Families of kidnapped Nigerian boys fear they might join Boko Haram

Parents of abducted Kankara school boys describe Boko Haram video as fake

Following the release of a video showing abducted Kankara students by Boko Haram sect, some parents of the said students have described the video as fake and untrue.

Recall that on Thursday, a video went viral on social media showing some boys looking distraught who begged the government to cooperate with their abductors so that they can be freed.

One of the boys said “Please help us. Tell the vigilantes and soldiers not to come around,” one of the boys in the video said, adding “more than 500 of us are in the forest”.

“Close any form of school, including Islamiyah. Please send the army back. They can’t do anything to help us. Please sir, we need your assistance.”

A voice believed to be that of Shekau spoke at the end of the video said, “he was doing Allah’s work”.

According to the Cable, the said video was shown to some of the parents but none could identify any of the persons there.

Umar Muhammad, one of the parents, said: “This is a fake video; these are not our kids.

“Why are they pulling our legs? This video is not genuine and most of us have kids that were abducted but this video did not clearly show our children. It is just a fake and means to deceive us.”





He alleged that the abducted schoolboys were kept in Tsafe local government area of Zamfara state, which shares borders with the Kankara local government of the state.

Dini Ketare, a parent who could not fight back tears over his missing child, simply said: “The video is not of our children and does not even look like them.

“We spent six day coming here from the Ketare town, hoping to see that our children have been rescued but we always leave here in a bad mood.”

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