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Nigerian lady nabs yahoo boy who impersonated an American man

Nigerian lady nabs yahoo boy who impersonated an American man

A Nigerian lady simply identified as Ifunanya, has finally fulfilled her desire to catch a fraudster in the act of impersonation.

She shared a video capture of the moment she and the alleged fraudster tried faking a foreign accent in a bid to sell the lie.

One Clyde Crow, who claimed to be from Colorado, US, sent a message to Ifunanya on Twitter, asking if they could be companions, adding that he would do anything to make her happy.






She replied him with a voice note and requested that he sends one as well, however, when he sent it, his voice did not sound like an American.

As soon as the lady heard the accent, she called him out over not doing the impersonation well.

Then the American man who has now been proven to be a Nigerian, responded by pointing out how the lady is stressing him out.

Ifunanya shared an audio-visual of their chat with the caption;

”This is the highlight of my day. I’ve been waiting to catch a yahoo boy.. and I’m so happy he broke character for me”

Listen to Audio below,

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