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Pretty lady who is a cleaner proudly showcases her hustle (Photos)

Pretty lady who is a cleaner proudly showcases her hustle (Photos)

A Nigerian lady simply known as Adaeze, has proudly showcased her house cleaning business on Twitter, leaving an impression on social media users.

In a post she made via her handle @ada_kodi on January 2, the lady described herself as the number 1 house cleaner in Enugu state





According to her, the work she does is so efficient that she hardly leaves behind stains and her service always gives premium satisfaction.

Sharing photos of herself at work, Adaeze tweeted;

”Hi…I’m your no1 Enugu house cleaner. I clean all type of house, offices as well. I’m efficient, leave no stain behind and leave you satisfied.”

Checkout her post:

Do u have a branch in Anambra? Each time I go to village for Christmas(I go once a year); cleaning, sweeping is too much for wifey and domestic staff.I could need such services next Christmas.


Please keep a pocket knife with you whenever you go for a job. You’ll never know when you need it.


I practically love ladies who put their hands to good use…. I love you babes.


I’m proud.. what part of Enugu so i can see if i could refer my guys to you.

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