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What my sister, DJ Cuppy said when I first started dating Mr Eazi – Temi Otedola reveals

Big sister! - DJ Cuppy finally reacts to Mr Eazi and Temi Otedola's  3-year-old relationship | Theinfong

What my sister, DJ Cuppy said when I first started dating Mr Eazi – Temi Otedola reveals

Billionaire daughter and Nollywood actress, Temi Otedola, revealed what her Disc Jockey sister DJ Cuppy said when the news of her relationship with Mr. Eazi became public.

Temi, in her latest podcast titled; ‘How far with Mr. Eazi and Temi’, said that DJ Cuppy introduced her to the singer and they began dating from then.

Prior to Temi’s relationship with Mr. Eazi, the singer already had a working relationship with DJ Cuppy.





The actress said that during the early days of her relationship with the singer, her elder sister, DJ Cuppy told her that she would continue to work with the singer even if their love affair does not work out.

In her words;

“I can never forget the only thing she (Dj Cuppy) said,” Temi began.

“Those first weeks we were dating, she had obviously introduced us and she was there and she was still cultivating a working relationship with you (Mr Eazi).

“And so, she calls me and said ‘so you guys are dating officially and I said, yes, I like him and she said, all I am going to say is that if things don’t work well with you both, I am going to maintain my work relationship with him (Mr Eazi)’ and she was straight up about it.”

Also, Mr Eazi during the podcast, spoke about his experience meeting Femi Otedola for the first time.

“I remember meeting your (Temi) dad, I think my hair was pink or purple and to be honest, I only had tracksuits and we were going somewhere to have dinner, so I remember I got like pants and a shirt and I had this Gucci shoes and I probably never wore them after that day.

” I thought it was like a big deal and I think that was one of the few times I respected dress codes in restaurants and not just piss people off because I wanted it to be cool. I think I was there a little bit late and your (Temi) dad mentioned something like that saying I am the superstar.”

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