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Womanizing will bring you nothing but debit alerts – Man warns fellow men

Womanizing will bring you nothing but debit alerts – Man warns fellow men

A man has taken to social media to reveal one of the negative effects being a womanizer has on a man, while warning fellow men.

According to the man with Twitter handle @CertifiedDopeboi, any man that womanizes will be inundated with messages of cash transactions.

In his word;

”Womanizing will bring you nothing but debit alerts”

Nigerians took to the comment section of his post to hare their thoughts on the matter of how womanizing affects a man.

@iam_jahd; Its not about the money, Nigerians need to start taking their mental health seriously , Flirting relieves stress, And there is always joy. But use your head sha





@Badoris2; It’s a waste ot time, energy and resources really. One is enough.

@ugwunnamdi; Lol. Sometimes peace of mind and absence of commitment/responsibility Is worth the money

@K__rossi; Depends on how rich you are

@IamReechie; Nah broke person dey reason the alert, everything bad in this life has to be for a poor man, my thoughts though



@NonsOka4; Omo is there anything that doesn’t lead to debit alert apart from sitting at home??

@drealobago1; Every other means of enjoyment will give you debit alert too , we all have our poisons ,pick yours and leave others to theirs

@Seunsilvar; How many concubines king Solomon had?? Nothing do his bank Acct…

@Atren_; It depends on your credit card do, stop dating broke girls my brother.

@theRealFakeGEEK; but since there’s usually a budget for womanizing; debit alerts are expected, so we go dey alright.

@Not_a_tweep replied @theRealFakeGEEK; Please, how much do you budget for womanizing? I’m conducting a research.

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