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Fela had zero lyrics, he’s more of an activist than a musician – Man stirs controversial debate

Fela had zero lyrics, he's more of an activist than a musician - Man stirs controversial debateFela had zero lyrics, he’s more of an activist than a musician – Man stirs controversial debate

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to share his opinion on the musical dexterity of Afrobeat pioneer, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

The man, identified as @darlytheboy, said that to him, Fela is more of an activist than a musician.

According to the young man, the late music legend has no lyrics, no flows and just talks out of beat and instrumentals.



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He wrote;

”Fela had 0 lyrics, 0 flows, 0 bars. Just talking out of beat, instrumentals and vibes.

”More of an activist than a musician in my books”

Nigerians didn’t waste time before flooding @darlytheboy’s comment sections to rubbish his opinion as being baseless.

In response to his post, @olamilekansii said; The moment you said bars. I knew something was wring with you upstairs…

@gbenga1on2 wrote; that is reason all we hear in this days is instrumental no more inspirational song again … and our lyrics dis days only base on “i wan chop or f***k this babe” noting again

@darlytheboy replied; Obviously his music always passed a good message. What I mean by basic lyrics is that the way he passed it was simplistic(this is not a bad thing)

@okorolambert; How many of present day musicians can make sense in their songs, music has to have meaning to reach the soul of the listener not just to awaken sexual urge.

Fela was able to pull crowds without adverts and social media.

@its_emyce; He composed and directed most of the music notes.. The beat u hear are mostly his idea…How many of your favs can do that today

@CyphersTemitope; Genres of music.

Pop, Reggae, Blues, Hip pop, Contemporary, Afro beat.

Who the ff do you think laid the foundation for afro beats?

@omokehinde___; You’re probably one of these Gen Z Who thinks music is a winawinawina…

@doc_slim_music; Wow!!!!! Just wow!!!!! Even wizkid and burna boy will tell you against what you’re saying about fela, nai you come here dey knack teeth????? You call someone that used music to predict future overatted???? Omox1000000000000

@BuchiMenkiti; Fela was a great in his time. In those years, all over Africa conscious music was the peak in some African states, as he was greatly good percussion, tunes playing almost all instruments.

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