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Stay in Nigeria, life in Europe is very hard – German-based Nigerian man warns (Video)

Stay in Nigeria, life in Europe is very hard – German-based Nigerian man warns (Video)

A Nigerian man residing in Europe has issued a stern warning to other Nigerians who desire to leave their motherland in search of greener pastures abroad.

According to the German-based man simply known as Mr Forlan, life overseas is not all that it seems.

He spoke in an interview with Legit, saying that living abroad is very hard and seems to be only designed for the benefit of indigenes and nationals of the country not migrants.

After having lived in Germany for some years, Forlan said that Europe life is in sharp contrast to what is depicted on TV and the media. He added that it takes hard labour for one to succeed there.

He further revealed that he owns a farm in Nigeria that is cultivated and tilled by workers under his payroll, however, on the other hand, the man lamented over how starting a business in Europe can be frustrating because if the paper works for approval and takeoff doesn’t deter you, the taxes will.



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“People dey say Europe, Europe…Say once you come na heaven you dey come. No be heaven. Na the same thing wey dey here na im still dey Nigeria. Nigeria, God bless us wey be say if our leaders dey do well, nobody suppose leave the country dey come Europe,” Forlan said in pidgin.

He advised Nigerians seeking to travel out to channel their money into a business that will yield returns in the country as he too will soon return to Nigeria.

Watch the interview:

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