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The Things Me and Adesua Had to Endure Before Zaiah Came – Banky W Gets 100% Real

The Things Me and Adesua Had to Endure Before Zaiah Came - Banky W Gets 100% Real“You’re impotent, your wife is a barren” – Banky W finally gets real about what he and Adesua had to endure before baby Zaiah came.

Banky is finally speaking out.

Since the delivery of his baby boy Zaiah, Banky W has been devoting his time to his wife and his new baby. On social media, he’s been very vocal about how happy he is to be a father, and been open about the fact that for them, the Wellingtons, the journey to having their baby was an interesting one.

Now, Banky is speaking out in more detail about everything he and Adesua really had to endure before their baby came, especially the things he had to deal with at the hands of not only their fans but also at the hands of Nigerians as a whole.

He spoke about all this and more when he appeared on Beat 99.9 FM for a sit-down interview with OAP Toolz, and today we’ll be breaking down I’ll be letting you in on all the major revelations Banky W made in this interview. Are you ready to jump in? Then let’s go!

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Okay, let’s dive right into it.

It all started when Toolz asked him about the inspiration for the song, Final Say which he released after the announcement of he and Adesua’s birth to baby boy Zaiah

Banky said

It’s a fun song but it’s a faith song. It’s for anybody who’s waiting on God for something. The crux of it is that delay is not denial and that whatever it is that you’re praying for, working for, waiting on God for, it is still possible. And for us, Obviously, that was Zaiah. The journey towards having a child is an interesting journey and for some people like us, it can be a very challenging job especially for people who are in the spotlight. It’s like the whole country is marrying with you and then everybody’s waiting for you to have a child, then you get people sending nice messages then you get people sending nasty, really terrible – like, “you’re impotent”, “your wife is a barren”, and it’s just this barrage of just stuff.

He continued:

It’s not even just for celebrities, it’s almost cultural here that families and society put pressure on young couples especially women and say “why have you not?” and you don’t even know what that woman or that man or that couple is going through. You have no idea what that’s like, and I think this is something that we need to talk about more so people can understand that you know, just let people go through their journey and if you want to pray for them, pray for them but just give them that space. It can be a lot of pressure.

When asked about if he plans on revealing his son’s face to the public anytime soon, Banky said:

We’re not there yet. I think what we’ve tried to do is be very intentional about what we share and when we share. We understand that fans want to know and fans want to feel a part of your journey and I think we’ve done a decent job of bringing our fans along. But it’s always when we’re ready for it and I think for people in the spotlight, that’s an important thing. Protect what you love and when you’re ready to tell the story, tell your story and control the narrative. We’ll share his face eventually.

Nawa o! Not people sending him message calling him impotent and barren. Like, the womb-watching culture in Nigeria is something that we’ll really need to address one of these days. I’m just happy that everything worked out for them in the end. This celebrity life. Na Wa!

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