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You should never watch your woman struggle to pay bills, dump her and find one with money – Man tells fellow men

You should never watch your woman struggle to pay bills, dump her and find one with money – Man tells fellow men

A man has sent the social media space into a frenzy with the never-ending discourse on relationship and finances.

According to the young man identified as @ZeeMistGeeto, men should never stay in a relationship with a woman who is finding it difficult to pay bills.

He added that it is better to dump her and find another woman that is wealthy to date.

In his words:

”As a man you should never watch your woman struggle to pay bills. Dump her and find one with money!”

See his post below:

As was expected, the post went viral, and while men supported his tweet, women opposed it.

@profitwithant; Do not settle for a broke woman

Find one on your level, King

@Mizzthiccn3ss; If she struggling that means her man ain’t a man and he needs to go back to living with the bitch that birth a sorry ass boy.




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@countryguy19823; Uh WRONG!! the guy should be the provider!! He should be taking care of the woman mentally emotionally,physically and even spiritually!! We were created to help them. Not saying they can’t help themselves cause they can but we should uplift not bring down!!

@Soulerrand; Not ladies on this thread shouting “Not all women”!. Listen, we know not all women leaves for money but we don’t know which and that’s enough for us to be wary. Even more scary when you remember 1 out of every 3men has been dumped because of money!

@gbaby2701; That’s not really good for you friend you get to work to keep your woman instead except you want to keep dumping until u have none to dump.

@hotnifer; No woman deserves a broke man in her life. He needs a job not a woman or love.

@Dr_CutieRae; When men don’t want to be with gold diggers but don’t want to support women trying to make money without them

@BornWinner504; Women in this thread are mad because this is exactly the mindset they have for men without money. So if men have this mindset, we’re “dogs” and “misogynist”. Women are hypocrites and what sad is they’ll never own up to it smh

@Keja2020; Well said brother. I’ve been going through the comments and laughing

@Pilgrim26485856; Ladies, ladies it’s ok, no need to get pressed, he’s just using a lot of words to say he’s broke. We should be thanking the brother, he just cock blocked himself, always helpful when they weed themselves out.

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