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Man seeks advice after finding out that his friend’s wife is his boss’s side chic

Man seeks advice after finding out that his friend’s wife is his boss’s side chic

A man has taken to social media to seek advice regarding a complicated situation involving his boss at work, a friend and the wife.

According to the man identified as @melotreah on Twitter, he got to discover that his friend’s wife is actually his boss’s side chic.

He said that he learnt how the wife and his boss had been dating for 11 years even before she married his friend six years ago.

Confused on what to do, he asked netizens for suggestions on how to handle the situation.

@melotreaah wrote;

”My friend’s wife is my Boss’s side chick at work. I’m so confused

”What would you do if you’re in my position???

”I got to realize that both (my friend’s wife and boss) have been dating for the past 11 years even before she got married to my friend 6 years ago.

Omo x 234566”

See his post below:

Read some of the responses we compiled…




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@dorcasDuganwrote; Go through your employment letter, read through your job description.. you’ll get more clarity.

@DudeNextDoor7; Find a way to make your friend find out without being seen or perceived to be doing that. If it was your wife wouldn’t you like to know?… think about it.

@KingWisdom99; Just mind your mind business. See no evil. Hear no evil

@Atwistedme; Lead your friend to the discovery of the truth. Just do like say u no know wetin u dey do, like play like play, don’t make it obvious. U owe that to ur friend.

@9japepper; I see a lot of mind your business and face your job, I will advise you to do Wats on your mind trusting dat your friend is not going to betray you, if it’s for your job trust me , tough decisions sometimes sets us on our path to greener pastures. I know Tunde is just chasin clouts.

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