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Pretty lady narrates how a man disappeared from her life after seeing her eat six slices of bread

Pretty lady narrates how a man disappeared from her life after seeing her eat six slices of bread

A Nigerian lady has recounted how a man cut ties with her simply because of the quantity of food she ate ate.

According to the pretty lady with Twitter handle @brandybride_, she visited the residence of the man whom she fancied and munched six slices of bread.

Sadly for her, that was the last time she ever heard from him as he refused to contact her or reach to her again.

Brandy wrote; “I remember one time I went to this guy’s house and ate 6 slices of bread. That was the last time he ever called me.”

See her post:

Checkout some reactions from netizens below..

@NwanyiNkwobi; He is lucky. I will buy Five Alive, pour inside cup and begin dip and chew… Fry 4eggs and one sardine and make ezigbo sandwich. He wee shock

@teewave2000; After he collected or before he collected. We need to do the forensic analysis to know the actual reason he stopped calling. The bread could be mere cover up you know

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@omeIjenebe; How many was he expecting you to eat? You were even nice…I would have sent him to go buy me butter and egg from Iya ruka on his street and made toasted bread or French toast with it. For me that would cover like 8-10 slices. If he likes, let him block me.Raada raada…

@Mink_hail; The guy was living by bread alone and you want to finish the bread in a day

@Kingsomes500; I am sure it’s not the 6 slices that turned him off but how you eat them…. you should be watching your height nah

@sillyking_chyme; You were probably thinking ….

Man – 1st slice

Shall not- 2nd slice

Live – 3rd slice

By – 4th slice

Bread- 5th slice

Alone – 6th slice

@florencelaz; Just 6 and he never called again? He should be grateful I’m not the one,emi bread factory,after eating a loaf I will ask if he has extra I can put in my pocket and be eating it on my way home….omo the guy will just run mad instantly

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