Conspiracy As INEC Deny Igbos, Minority Tribes Their Pvcs In Lagos

Following the Issue of Permanent Voter’s Cards (PVC) by the INEC, a lot of complaints have been recorded concerning bottlenecks in the collection of PVCs, both on social media and help lines devoted to PVC collection. Most Nigerians have taken to Facebook and Twitter to show their frustration regarding the bottlenecks in PVC collection. In one of the hotlines for people having issues with collection of PVCs, a caller by name Ayomide has made scathing accusations against the INEC in Lagos, using Mushin INEC office as an example.

The INEC in Mushin local government was accused by the caller as sabotaging the collection of PVCs by Igbos and other minorities. He stated that the PVCs are sorted by tribe and Ward and the wards that promise high vote for the opposition, are usually withheld. The caller affirms that the people doing this, believe that the minorities in Lagos will likely vote for other candidates apart from the APC in Lagos Federal Constituency 2. He however made this discovery a week ago and made efforts to report the case to an officer at Itire Police Station. However, the officer discouraged him from taking up the case, citing threat to his life as an excuse.

Ayomide during his call, stated that Wards J, B and G have had their PVCs sorted out. He stated that “INEC is withholding the PVCs of people from Ward J and people with Igbo names because Ward J are filled with minority tribes and they think Igbos will vote PDP.” HE stated that this was not the same issue with people from Ward F (Idi Araba), who are mostly made up of Northerners whom the INEC believe will vote for the APC.

Recall that a Twitter user tweeted her disappointment upon being denied her PVC in Southern Kaduna because she is a Christian. She stated that the INEC had sorted out PVCs belonging to Christians in Southern Kaduna and were withholding them, with the excuse that INEC had not printed their PVCs and they would be ready after the election.

It is newsworthy to note that the INEC Chairman has mentioned that about 14 million PVCs have been printed and distributed across Nigeria. As such, Professor Yakubu in his press briefing notes that every collection point, already have the PVCs of the people who registered with them.

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