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‘How I Had A Drunken Lesbian Sex Romp With A Colleague’ – Woman Reveals.


A 29-year-old woman identified as Flick Wallingham from London has revealed how she hhad a drunken lesbian romp with a colleague.

She said : “I had just broken up with my boyfriend when I was sent out to a mid-week networking by work. “I got stuck into the free bar and ended up chatting to a woman in her early 30s called Chloe*. She was stunning, with long blonde hair.

“We smashed through the drinks together, bonding over the dullness of the event.

“After it ended, we decided to jump in an Uber and continue the party at her hotel.

“The next thing I knew we were ferociously kissing in the taxi – despite both being straight – and her hand was down my top.

“When we got into the hotel room, we drank everything in the minibar, before getting naked and doing all shorts of shameless sexual things to each other all around the room. It’s hazy, but we had sex everywhere we could.

“I didn’t mean to sleep there, but the next thing I knew, I woke up severely dehydrated, feeling like I was being hit in the face with a sledgehammer, with her naked breasts against my back.

“Realising I’d massively over slept for work, and massively panicking, I did a swift exit without waking Chloe.

“I had an important meeting first thing with my boss and a new client to meet, and no time to shower, so I attempted to cover up my alcohol sweat with body spray on the tube.

“Feeling like death, I walked into the meeting with my boss – and who should walk in too? Chloe! She was our new potential client. I don’t know who was more mortified.

“We pretended we didn’t know each other before avoiding eye-contact for the next two hours. I also felt extremely smelly and hungover. “At the end of the meeting I said ‘Nice to meet you’ and shook her hand and never saw her again.

“The deal didn’t come off and I suspect this was because I had slept with the potential client! “I was expecting my boss to call me into his office and fire me for months after that.”

Culled from The Sun UK

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