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Lady Hired By Girlfriend To Test Her Man’s Fidelity Reveals She Lied About Him Cheating.


Alysha Bush and Kourbine Lee,
A woman who was hired by a suspicious girlfriend to test her boyfriend’s fidelity has admitted that she lied about him cheating five months after the couple broke up.

Alysha Bush and Kourbine Lee, both 23, split up last year when she hired a woman called Paula to tempt him into cheating.

And although Paula told Alysha that she’d slept with her boyfriend, Kourbine has always insisted that he had been faithful to her.

But five months after the couple broke up, Paula sensationally revealed that she lied to Alysha because she “didn’t think she deserved” personal trainer Kourbine.

Reunited on the Snapchat show Second Chances, Alshya admitted that she’d hired a woman to flirt with her boyfriend after becoming suspicious of his behaviour during a trip to Las Vegas in 2018.

Alysha claims that her long-distance relationship had also become increasingly strained with Kourbine being based in California while she was attending school in Arizona.

She told Buzzfeed: “We were already so far apart, there was just lack of communication, we were subliminally trying to make each other jealous over social media.

“I went to Vegas with him and his family friends and he was very distant from me, he was looking and kind of hitting on other girls in front of me in Vegas.”

What’s more, Alysha became increasingly concerned that Kourbine was “liking” other girl’s photos on Instagram – something he maintains is “for work to help me get clients”.

Naturally, Alysha decided to put her boyfriend to the test and paid one of his clients Paula Contento $50 (£38) to hit on him.

After revealing exactly how she “knew” Kourbine had been unfaithful, he replied: “Why would you a pay a girl to talk to me? That’s some crazy s***!”

While Kourbine always maintained that he had “grabbed food across the street” with Paula after a personal training sessions, she told Alysha that he had taken her to a “fancy restaurant” before going back to her place.

The scorned girlfriend added: “She told me you guys had sex.”


After their blazing row, Alysha then video-chatted Paula and asked her to tell her side of the story.

But instead of confirming that Kourbine had been unfaithful, Paula said: “I lied because I didn’t think that she deserved you. I lied.

“Clearly she doesn’t value the faithful, amazing man that you are.”

Horrified that she’d believed another woman over her boyfriend, Alysha then accused Paula of being a “homewrecker”.

However, Paula admitted that she lied to Alysha because she “was going through things of my own.”

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