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Man Bitten By A Lion While Stroking It In Its Enclosure. Photos/Video


A man who dared to stroke a lioness he calls “lovely” – almost had his hand bitten off. This terrifying video shot in a game reserve shows the man petting the predatory cats before she snaps.

According to reports he was left with serious injuries.

The man is then almost dragged into the enclosure as the big cat yanks away.

Fortunately for him, she let go before his limb was ripped from its socket — or worse still before he became lunch.

He was reportedly visiting the Tikwe River Lodge for the weekend his wife, Ilze, to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

According to news24, shortly before the lioness approached he had said “come here, lovey, let daddy stroke you”.

When the cat strikes, a woman can be heard off camera screaming “he’s biting him, he’s biting him”.

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