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Man Whose Hotel Was Demolished Rejoices Over Man’s Death On Facebook-Photo


According to Bonaventure Mokwe, the deceased named Chinedu Onuoha a.k.a ‘Gbaloto’, was among those who allegedly planted human skulls and a gun in his hotel ‘Upper Class’, which led to its demolition.

Gbaloto died in an accident and Bonaventure Mokwe took to Facebook to celebrate the death.

Read what he shared on Facebook below.

The pictures bellow is that of one Chinedu Onuoha alias ” Gbaloto”. He is from Enugu state. He participated in the planting of human skulls and rusted gun in my Upper Class Hotel .

The other one called Ejima was shot in the face at Awkuzu sars Anambra state.

According to what is being said, he had an accident and died and I have opened a bottle of Remy Martin to celebrate his death. So long as the demolition of my Upper Class Hotel remains unsolved, there will never be a minute rest for every idiot that is involved.

I am equally willing to go down if necessary and that again will never end the matter. Very sad but it is the family culture and tradition. Goodluck to us all.

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