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Pastor Anoints Church Members With Soft Drinks – Coke, Fanta

Some pastors do weird things all in the name of miracles and anointing.

A video of a pastor pouring soft drinks – Coke, Fanta on his church members while a anointing them has sparked outrage online. The church members lined up with their two soft drinks each, and went to the pastor turn by turn, the pastor opened each of the soft drink and emptied all the content on his members.

Some were even ‘bathing’ while the pastor poured the drinks on them.

Jackson Ude shared this video of a pastor anointing members with soft drink.

He captioned it:

“Just take a look at how some Africans have reduced Christianity to a comedy show. Everything is now used to perform “miracles.” Poverty has consumed our brains we no longer think. We depend on idiots who call themselves Prophets for daily needs including financial blessings.”

Watch the video below and see reactions…

What do you think about this?

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