The KENPOLY Suicide Graduate Was A Choir Director In Winners Chapel

It has been established that Charles Paul, the late graduate of Ken Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic who reportedly committed suicide, was a Choir Director at Winners Chapel, Igbere TV can report.

Igbere TV had previously reported that Paul, a graduate of the department of Estate Management, was declared dead after reportedly swallowing a poisonous substance believed to be ‘snipper’.

He was said to have ended his own life following the heartbreak of breaking up with his supposed girlfriend, Rejoice.

His remains has since been buried (same day) due to the strange nature of his death.

The burial was said to have been attended by few of his friends who later took to social media to lay curses on his ex-girlfriend whom they believed contributed to Charles’s sudden death.

Reacting, Adim Iwuchukwu Irene, a social media user who claim to know the deceased, wrote;

“Charles all I pray is that you find rest with God. Suicide is a sin. U didn’t think of any one before u took your own life, but I see your death as a ministry and I won’t fail to talk about it, so many people loved nd believe in you but you loved no one, you thought of no one.

“But I ask were is the love of God in all this?
Well it has happened,
And I will not judge you
God has the final say.

“But there are thousands of youth that will do this same thing if we don’t stop them, we r in the last days.

“Charles may have been suffering from alot of thing, it’s clear that he thought himself alone in this word before doin this reason is what I don’t knw, it may be depression, love or the devil like many will say,all the same death is death but Charles died prematured.

“Mind u Charles was a drumer, music director winners chapel, Charles directed a drama crew in a crew I was part of. Charles was my friend. It’s not important now anyways.

“Join me live on Facebook by 7pm let’s talk about this and help that girl/boy that wants to do the same.

“Above all, show love to everyone around u don’t leave a relationship harshly, get to know your friend and when they need to talk to someone save a soul by listening to people nd be a solution to most cases
Let love rule nd continue. RIP Chuks Brown!.”

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