Why Is Aisha Buhari Not Campaigning For Her Husband?

Many political observers are worried, and they are asking questions concerning President Muhammadu Buhari and his outspoken wife, Aisha. Where has she been? Why is she not coming out to tell Nigerians why they should vote for her husband?

By this time in 2015, Buhari’s wife, Aisha was all over the place campaigning for her husband, to the extent of frying akara and yam. What has changed?

Fast forward to 2019, few days to a very important election, no one now hears from the wife of the president.

Rumours are flying around in Abuja, the seat of power and to other parts of the country. Some say Madam Aisha is not feeling well, some say she’s not happy with many of those around Buhari, yet others say her fight with the cabal controlling the Presidency got worse and she decided to abandon everything. Hopefully, we will known the true story sooner than later.
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