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‘You Be Mugu’: Mcsmith Ochendo Blasts Linda Ikeji, Pastors, Native Doctors

Veteran Nollywood Actor Mcsmith Ochendo shared a video “You Be Mugu” #YouBeMugu where he blasted some pastors, native doctors and even our dear ‘Aunty’ Linda Ikeji for being ‘hypocrites’.

Mcsmith Ochendo said in the video:

“You see that pastor that tells you money is the root of all evil and tells you not to be interested in material things, meanwhile he drives Rolls-Royce while you use okada and you believe him, you are a mugu.

” If your pastor has Police Escorts and Body guards and tells you to buy sticker for Protection, and you buy it, then you are a Mugu.”

“If you listened to that Aunty (Linda Ikeji) and stayed Celibate all why she was driving around to collect dick then you are a Mugu.”

“If you go to meet a Native Doctor who is not only poor but also has 12 poor sons and you tell him to do Money Ritual for you then you are A Mugu.”

Watch the funny video

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