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Ghanaian Slay Queen Allegedly Used For Rituals (Photo)

News making round claims a Ghanaian slay queen, popularly known as “Hajia Pussy or Queen of Dicks,” was allegedly used for rituals.

The Ghanaian lady
The Ghanaian lady
The lady was reportedly found dead after her friends went in search of her.

Her social media posts indicated that she lived a  flashy lifestyle, leaving many to speculate she was used for rituals by suspected internet fraudsters.

Friends close to the deceased, alleged that she had been complaining of having a severe headache since December 2019.According to LIB, the lady, who believed she was used for rituals by one of her clients, sought the help of spiritualists after hospitals she visited could not offer any lasting solution.

Days later, she was found dead in her room on Sunday.

Friends of the deceased have already taken to social media to mourn her and pay tributes to her.


A tribute from a web user
More tributes

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