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Nigerian Lady recounts how she helped a helpless lady birth a child on her way to work

Loveth Agindupu, a behavioral therapist, has taken to her social media page to reveal how she helped a ‘helpless lady’ who was in labor to deliver her child.

Loveth revealed she was on her way to work when she came across the woman who was almost not in a good condition, as her baby was swaddled in a wrapoer with the placenta still connected to the baby in her arms.However, the story ended well as they finally got a hospital that accepted the mother and helped clean them up

Sharing the photos, she wrote ;


Been too busy running around to post.. I helped a helpless woman birth a child yesterday on my way to work and I’m still dazed about it all. Took her to the hospital with her child swaddled in a wrapper and her placenta still connected to the baby in my arms, I was literally shaking at the sight of blood all over me but the tears of that innocent child and cute face pushed me to help further. Nigerian hospitals and their wahala(story for another day) we practically went round festac looking for a hospital in the cold morning using my warmth to protect the baby.God bless the keke man who agreed to carry us and army man who followed us to pass one way to beat traffic wherever you are. We finally got a hospital who accepted us and helped clean them up. I went to the maternity ward to beg for clothes, socks, cap and a blanket to cover baby and gave the mom my wears I kept in my bag for a sleepover I planned and settled some Bills.

Mother and child is doing well, he is so cute and perfect♥️🥰 visited them with clothes and food for mother and child today and I am also thankful to those who have reached out to help with their tokens, my sisters were awesome on this matter. God bless you all for being a ray of hope to this family.

Guess what😜 I got to name the baby today🥳, his mom wanted me to name him and the name that dropped:

CHUKWUNYEREMAKA (God helped me) and AKACHUKWU (hand of God) God will continue to help you in this life.. I officially have a first born fam💃💃💃 too much #greysanatomy na him give me mind o #thankful there were no complications.

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