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PHOTOS: Man nabbed after disguising as female Muslim to sleep with married woman

A man was allegedly caught after he disguised as a Muslim female wearing a ruband to sleep with a married woman while her husband was away.

A social media user, The_Seeker76, shared pictures of a man wearing a ruband as a female Muslim being accused of constantly sneaking into the house of a married woman to sleep with her. At the time of filing this report, it is not certain where the incident happened.

The_Seeker76 taking to Twitter wrote;

So this daredevil dude has been “kpanshing” another man’s wife for a very long time, disguising as a female Muslim with full body veil to gain access once oga is not at home

Like they say: everyday for the thief, one day for the owner of the house…the rest is HISTORY

See post and photos below:

Another social media user, Felix Eigbefo based in Benin City, Edo state posted photos of the man.

Sharing photos of the man after he was caught, Felix wrote,

“Guy disguised as ELEHA to have sex with Eleha inside her husband matrimonial bed
He was caught and exposed!
Me: Inside Life”

See photos below:

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