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Nobody should blame Buhari for insecurity, unemployment, political and economic crisis – Father Mbaka.

Enugu- fiery Catholic priest and the spiritual Director of the Adoration ministry Enugu Nigeria, AMEN,Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has absolved President Mohammadu Buhari of being completely responsible for the worsened insecurity in Nigeria.
According to Mbaka, Nigeria’s problems, including insecurity had deteriorated earlier that Buhari assumed leadership of the country, adding that those who plot to destabilize Nigeria will receive the worst hit.
Mbaka made the statements in Enugu during his homily to celebrate the Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of lent.
In his ‘state of the nation’ message, Fr. Mbaka berated those he said we’re cajoling the Buhari administration for the harrowing experience Nigerians are presently passing through, without going back to history.
He insisted that present political, economic & insecurity problems did not start with Buhari’s administration, and lambasted what he described as wasteful sixteen years administration of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

He maintained that the PDP contributed immensely to Nigeria’s present adversities.
Mbaka said: “When I was shouting it so many years ago, that with the style of governance in the country, time shall come when people will be running helter skelter, now it is happening, churches protesting everywhere.
“Everything Buhari, Everything Buhari our problem is immemorial, I am not trying to exonerate him totally but it’s unfair not to go back to the history of how our past leaders were only concentrating on looting our funds thereby leaving us in this mess.“If we have had a type of Buhari before, our problems wouldn’t have reached to this climax.
Look at the efforts he is making in transport sector; road constructions which is unprecedented in the history of this nation.
“In area of economy, there is agricultural revolution going on, N-power programme to our youths, scarcity of fuel is now a thing of the past all to ameliorate our suffering.
“Tell me a nation that has the number of unemployed youths that will not have the insecurity we are having? Kidnapping…

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