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Pastor arrested for accurately prophesying location of the body of missing woman

The Imo State Police Command says it has arrested the pastor in charge of Arm of the Lord Church, Mr. Goddy Onyeho for accurately prophesying the location of the corpse of a woman beheaded by unknown assailants, Mrs Augustina Inebere.

These incident took place at Alaiyiama, Obollo community, in the Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State.

The police said they arrested the Pastor for giving what they termed a ‘suspicious prophecy’.

68-year-old Mrs Augustina Inebere, who went missing on February 3rd was found along a bush path at Mbara Alaenyi. She was beheaded and her bowel emptied.

Mrs Augustina Inebere (The deceased)

Pastor Goddy Onyeho had earlier prophesied that Mrs Inebere would be found at that exact spot during a prayer session with the family. He told her family members to go to a particular area in the bush and they would see the woman either dead or alive.

After Inebere’s corpse was found, the matter was reported to the police who in turn arrested the pastor.

Imo state police command spokesperson, Orlando Ikeowku, who confirmed this, said the sexagenarian went missing in Ugiri community in Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State and the matter was reported at the Isiala Mbano police division.

“Some people came and told the family of the woman that they saw the woman walking towards the direction of a particular bush and she was being trailed by her late husband who died 10 years ago. The person told the family that he saw the woman moving while the husband was moving behind her. That was very suspicious.

Later on, a pastor within the area said he wanted to hold a prayer session for them so that God would reveal the location of the missing woman to them. They held the prayer session and in the course of the prayer session, the pastor prophesied that they should go to a particular area in the bush and they would see the woman either dead or alive. Behold, after the prayer session, they went there and they met the decomposing corpse of the woman without a head. The pastor was arrested for questioning and we currently have about four suspects” he said

Ikeokwu said investigation into the matter is ongoing.

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