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Tenant narrates how her landlady rented part of two-bedroom flat to church

A Nigerian lady has shared her experience with her landlady in Lagos state.The lady identified as @lexy_slim noted that it is better to have a landlord than a landlady

@lexy_slim said her landlady rented part of the two-bedroom flat she lives in to a church.

A young Nigerian lady has taken to the popular micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to narrate her experience as a tenant in Lagos state. The lady identified as @lexy_slim revealed that her landlady rented part of where she stays to a church.

In her tweet, the lady explained that her landlady rented part of a two-bedroom flat to her and the other part to a church.

According to the lady, her landlady rented the living room to the church and the members of the church have used prayers to shred the walls of the house.

@lexy_slim said her male and female friends have zeroed her house completely. She noted that the landlady once told her to stop washing clothes in the bathroom.

She said the landlady claimed that the soak-away pit would get full if she continues to wash her clothes in the bathroom. @lexy_slim said the landlady told her to always take the water outside the gate.

According to her, it is better to have a landlord than a landlady in Lagos state.

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