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A tricycle rider that can’t pay his kid’s school fees but returns N0.5m forgotten in his tricycle by passenger going to ECWA headquarter in Bauchi.

The man resisted the temptation pocketing N582, 450 forgotten in his commercial tricycle despite being badly in need of cash. It wasn’t the first time.
At the time 43-year-old Bashir Usman discovered N582, 450 forgotten by one of his passengers in his tricycle, he didn’t have N500 of his own.
With three children chased out of school for not paying their fees, a lingering house rent and the nagging thought of how to provide health care for his pregnant wife, Bashir, a Keke NAPEP rider, had battled his conscience and eventually won against the seductive whisper of claiming the money as “manna from heaven.”.
Instead, with the help of his wife’s promptings and encouragement he searched for the owner and returned the money which had been carefully concealed in a handbag and left in the backseat of the tricycle he rode Saturday evening of November 4.
His first passenger that evening had been a woman he later came to know as Mama Ejimeh. The woman whose full name is Kelechi Ehandiba is a widow and mother of two who sells household items at Butcher Line around the Terminus area in Jos.
Mama Ejimeh and her friend had chartered Bashir’s tricycle to ECWA Headquarters but he mistakenly took them to COCIN headquarters, not far from their intended destination. Unfortunately, not knowing the place either, Mama Ejimeh had alighted from the vehicle, crossed to the other side of the road to make enquiries on the venue of a wedding they were attending but unknown to her, her friend had paid off Bashir and picked the gift item they had bought, leaving Mama Ejimeh’s hand bag behind. “By the time I came back and I didn’t see the Keke man, my friend said she had already paid him. I asked her about my bag but she said she only took the gifts for the couple,” Mama Ejimeh said.
The two women immediately waved another tricycle and chased after Bashir but lost him at an intersection. “We first took the road to Tudun Wada, we didn’t see him. We went around ECWA headquarters without success. I was mad.

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