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Kano Deaths: We’ve buried 67 corpses in 2 days, says Dandolo Cemetry attendants

Kano Deaths: We’ve buried 67 corpses in 2 days, says Dandolo Cemetry attendants

There is panic in some communities of Kano State following the reports of rising death toll.

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Although the Kano State government described the numbers of deceased reported in the media as exaggerated figure, it also confirmed that some death occurred in the state but they are few in numbers and they were not yconfirmed as COVID-19 death.

According to Daily Trust, Janaza prayers are still being conducted for multiples who are thought to have died from severe malaria and typhoid fever and within Zangon Barebari neighbourhood alone, about 15 people died between Wednesday and Friday.

Cemetery attendant at Dandolo confirmed that the number of deaths in Kano is still increasing, adding that “between Wednesday and Thursday we have buried about 67 corpses.”

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There’s is also scare for coronavirus at private health facilities, some bereaved families revealed that the deceased had some disruptions that kept them from accessing medical care, which might have resulted in their deaths.

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Some told Daily Trust Saturday that their relatives were on outpatient visitations to hospitals for various ailments but with the lockdown in force, coupled with the

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