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Man who beat his grandmother faces attempted murder charges

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the PRO Aswa Region PoliceMan who beat his grandmother faces attempted murder chargesPatrick Jimmy Okema, the PRO Aswa Region Police states that Brian Okello (pictured) was arrested on April 14, at around 2am. UPF PHOTO

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A man who was seen beating an elderly woman in a video, is to be charged with attempted murder, police have said. The beating which happened on Easter Sunday and was caught on video was widely circulated on social media and raised concerns as people berated the man.

In the video, a bare chested elderly woman is seen pleading with a man not to beat her. But the more she pleads, the more he assaults her with a long stick. It breaks and he picks a bigger stick and continues to beat her. The woman cries and continues to beg for mercy.

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“I did not say anything to anyone. Uuyyiiii….” she cries and lies on the ground. As the beating becomes unbearable, she gathers whatever strength she has and moves into her hut. He beats her till the second stick breaks as another woman helplessly watches with her hands crossed behind her back.

“Where is my home? Tell me where my village is!” The man repeatedly asks the elderly woman as he beats her.

The woman is 86-year-old Luck Anek and the man beating her is Brian Okello, her grandson. The other woman looking on helplessly is Okello’s wife.

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Anek was later taken to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital while Okello was arrested.

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