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Millions Of Nigerians Celebrate Abba Kyari’s Death, See Reactions From Some Nigerians

Millions Of Nigerians Celebrate Abba Kyari’s Death, See Reactions From Some Nigerians

Many Nigerians has taken to socical media to celebrate the death of chief of staff to president Muhammad Buhari, Abba Kyari.

Some of the reactions from Nigerians after hearing the news of his death show that Nigerian masses are not happy with their leader.

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One of the Buhari government critics Adeyanju Deji took to his facebook page to condemned Nigerians who are celebrsting the death of another man.

He caution President Muhammad Buhari to learn from this, because if he died, that is how Nigerians will celebrate.

Deji said “So sad to see Nigerians celebrating Abba Kyari’s death? He died at 80. I pray many of us live that long. This is a lesson to Buhari. May nothing bad happen to him because Nigerians will celebrate like we won the World Cup. The reason is because he has failed so woefully. ”

Another Nigerian guy who reacted to the celebration by some Nigerians said he don’t why people are happy.

He said “I wonder why millions of Nigerians are jubilating over the demise of their chief of staff to the president of their country Alh Abba kyari.

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May the God Almighty forgive his short coming.Ameen summa ameen.”

Meanwhile bellow are some comment from some group of Nigerians celebrating the death of Abba Kyari.

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