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Painter Gives Details Of How He Killed 69-Year-Old Woman After Finding N2 Million In Her Bank Account

womanPainter Gives Details Of How He Killed 69-Year-Old Woman After Finding N2 Million In Her Bank Account

A painter, Niyi Abegunde, on Tuesday, April 14, gave graphic details of how he killed a 69-year-old woman, Lady Evangelist Grace Ajibola, after he found the sum of N2 million in her account when he went to withdraw money for her.

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He was paraded at the Oyo State Police Command’s headquarters, Eleyele, where he also said that after seeing the amount, “evil thoughts came over me on how I will take possession of the money.”

Speaking with Tribune Online, Abegunde said:
“My name is Abegunde Olaniyi. I am 34 years old. I am a painter. I met the woman, Mrs Grace Ajibola, last year November. I helped her paint her house and she liked the work I did and since then, I became close to her. Whenever she needed to send someone on errands, she would call me. On several occasions, I had gone to withdraw money for her in the bank.

“I have also met her children. One is in Lagos while the other one is in Ibadan.
On March 17, she sent me to the bank to help her withdraw some money with her ATM. She is not the only elderly person in the community who sent me on errands, there are other people who sent me on errands in the community and many of them like me.

“However, on that particular day, after withdrawing the money, I didn’t know what came over me and I checked her account balance and saw over N2 million. I knew she was comfortable financially but didn’t know she had such an amount of money. At this point, evil thoughts came over me on how to take possession of the money.

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“So when I returned to her home, there was nobody at home and I hit her with a wood before strangling her. She couldn’t struggle with me because she was not so strong. She was nursing an ailment as she was always going to the hospital for check-ups.

“Nobody was inside the house when I carried out the act as the person staying with her had gone out. It was in the morning. I regret what I have done.”

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