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If you want to go far in life, make your woman happy – Lady tells men

If you want to go far in life, make your woman happy – Lady tells men

A Nigerian lady simply identified as Monife, has taken to social media to tell men how taking care of their women will ensure they succeed.

According to her, if a man wants to go far in life, what he needs to do is love his woman and take care of her to the point that she becomes happy.

The lady noted that by doing this, the woman would in turn pray for him, and her prayers would open doors.

Taking to Twitter, Monife tweeted;

”Men, if you want to go far in life, Love your women, take good care of her and make her happy. Her prayers would open your doors.”

See her post:

Social media users didn’t waste anytime before flooding her comment section with their opinions.

@Somidotun7; Does she not want to go far in life? What will her contribution be since her only role in life is to be loved, made happy and taken care of?

Why do you people insult women at every opportunity you get?



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@kriskwin2 said; Kindly Note that some men already gone far in life before you met them, some are already fulfilling purpose, so with or without their partner they will surely fulfil purpose. Secondly their mum has been praying and will continue praying for them. So ……

@JagunJagun6; Men, if you want to go far in life, Love yourself , take good care yourself and make you happy. Your prayers would open your doors.

@al_Moostapha; That’s if your “woman” even prays! Love your Mom, take good care of her and you’ll go beyond Far!

@Progres_Ralph; Hmm, My dear to be successful in life is personal, you can be single and be successful same apply to having a woman. However, the power of a woman should not be underestimated.

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